Chromancer Browser CCG Up On Kickstarter


Chromancer is a browser-based, free-to-play trading card game. No download is required to play. It is the first adaptive strategy card game and brings utterly new and deeply strategic mechanics to the genre. The game plays as a duel between two opponents with the rules changing as they aim to prevent each other from playing the game normally. Figuring out whether your opponent relies on drawing cards quickly, using cards more than once, or accumulating resources, and then preventing the player from doing just that, is paramount to a victory.


Chromancer was developed over the course of 7 years by a team of card gamers at the top of international competition, both offline and online. In addition to card game players, the team includes experts in marketing and business strategy, graphic design, and fantasy writing. The team is based in Washington, DC but has partners in San Francisco, New York and London.


  • Adaptive strategy game involves bluffing, tactics and positional defense, beyond normal balance and synergy of card games.
  • Game is truly free-to-play, with all cards available to free players. Game is designed deliberately not to be pay-to-win.
  • No colored resource costs.
  • No card limits on deckbuilding.
  • Groundbreaking “Deck Seals” system which treats deck lists as singular icons that can be shared on the forums, chats, game client and market with a single click.
  • The “Arcanum” public archive, a democratic community-wide system to share information on popular decks.
  • We use a model of persistent virtual goods whereby print runs of cards happen in discrete series in finite quantities and all forms of trade between players are utterly unrestricted.
  • We provide complete information transparency on all trade history of cards.
  • Emergent gameplay is supported by the parent company: players can enforce their own rulesets and create factions, events and trading blocs.
  • Efficient, powerful marketing tools for assessing collections’ net worth and price trends of cards over time.
  • Artifacts, powerful equipment cards existing as singularities across the entire community, whose owner at any given time is public information.
  • A deeply immersive fantasy world, supported by short stories regularly available on the site, and flavor text gradually revealed to players as they collect cards.
  • Gorgeous, top-of-the-line artwork on the site and the cards.
  • A few important facts:· Release Date: Winter 2013
    · Platform:  Any device that has browser functionality. 
    · Price: Free-to-play, with in-game currency sold through the game store to support card purchases.  Will also feature a subscription service offering players a steady stream of cards at a discount, among other benefits.
    · 300 cards slated for initial release

If you are a fan of CCG’s you might like Chronomancer.  A browser based CCG, up on Kickstarter now, that takes the best of the most popular CCG’s and infuses their own gameplay that makes it look like it will be an interesting experience.  The creators talk about their experience with CCG’s and it sounds like they have the knowledge to make it work.  Only time and money will tell.  As well they offer up a bevy of Kickstarter rewards depending on your investment.  If you are at all interested in this CCG, check them out on their Kickstarter page below.

Check out the Chromancer Kickstarter here.

I think that the game has the potential to be a success, and given it is a browser based game, it allows them to hit a nice wide audience.  We will just have to see just how innovative the mechanics end up being in practice.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you plan on backing it.


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