Kickstarter Quicklooks: SPACE SHOCK

space-shockSpace Shock is a Sci-Fi RPG Dungeon crawler, with an exciting first-person exploration and challenging turn-based combat.  Take old school style RPG’s much like The Legend of Grimrock, and infuse a rich Sci-Fi atmosphere, add in a challenging isometric turn-based combat and you have Space Shock.

“The dungeons, forests, old cities will be replaced by huge ships, space stations and bases built on the planet surfaces and their moons. The player will take a party of heroes and needs to lead them through the real ‘Survival of the Fittest’ environment. It will be hard to crawl past all robots, droids, defense systems, aliens, mutants and get out of the ghost ship which you have boarded as a group of Space pirates.”-Ideas Unbound Studio

The game is up on Kickstarter right now with seven days to go.  At the time of this post they have only raised £11,799 of their £150,000 goal.  I think the game looks amazing and I want to see more games like this that have a sci-fi setting instead of just fantasy in dungeon crawlers.  I really hope this game gets made it is great to see someone going sci-fi for a dungeon crawler.YouTube External Link Here.

Give SPACE SHOCK Your Support, Check Out the Kickstarter Page Here! 

Concept On Steam Greenlight Here!

Will you be backing Space Shock?  What do you think of the game?  Do you want to see more Sci-Fi dungeon crawlers?  Let me know in the comments.


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