No Assassins Creed On Vita This Year

AC Rising Phnix CanceledIf you were a fan of the PS Vita’s Assassins Creed Liberation, don’t hold your breath about an Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Vita treatment.

The Assassins Creed franchise will not see an appearance on the Vita this year due to Ubisoft Sofia, the team responsible for AC Liberation, having been brought in to work on a specific part of ACIV.   “Liberation actually did very well – we’re very proud of it,” game director Ashraf Ismail told Eurogamer. “Sales were fairly decent. But the focus for us was Assassin’s Creed 4, for current-gen consoles and next-gen consoles.”

In addition to no ACIV Vita tie in, it has also come to light that AC Rising Phoenix is also not happening.  Ubisoft commented on the AC Rising Phoenix leak who replied saying “The listing is a fake and isn’t legit.”  (

Hopefully once ACIV ships Ubisoft Sofia will begin work on a Vita AC title.  I myself enjoyed AC Liberation despite its rough edges.

How do you feel about no AC on the Vita this year?  Will you be picking up ACIV on consoles to satiate your AC cravings?  Do you expect the franchise to return to the Vita?  Let me know in the comments.


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