A Mighty Middle Finger For Capcom

d872aedcdccf552f3a519ee565576732_largeKeiji Inafune announced and launched the spiritual successor to Mega Man, Mighty No. 9 during a panel at Pax earlier this month.   Continue reading A Mighty Middle Finger For Capcom


Influx Late Of Content Absent Random Considerations…

hush-no-more-tears-random-34731972-500-639Sorry guys for the lack of content on the site.  I am working on a lot of things on the backend of the website (such as switching to a web host and new content etc.).  Plus I have been sick and the odd happenings in everyday life cut out my time randomly.  Once I am over the initial curve of these new things I must learn content will be rolled out daily.  Just think of the site as it is in its beta phase.  Thanks for the continued support!