Wii U, It’s Weird & Feels Old: My Thoughts

WiiU OLDNintendo seems to runs its own race; the only time when Microsoft or Sony acknowledges Nintendo is when they do something that sells like crazy.  Like for instance the Kinect and PS Move attempts at gaining some sales of Nintendo’s casual market with motion control.  Neither has done well.  Kinect being a failed attempt at full body control and the Move being a more accurate and fancy light up dildo controller.  The Wii U’s sales are doing horribly, and they have made several mistakes that make the Wii U look like a last gen console.

No achievements, no good friend system still poor online.  Bricking consoles with a day one 5gb firmware update that had the potential to brick the console if the internet or power was disconnected.  With the online and feature set of the Wii U lacking behind Xbox and Playstation they have stated that they will not copy them, but I have to say that when these features are really good and when your offerings do not offer something similarly as effective then you need to rethink what you are doing.  The Wii U is not selling well and 3rd party publishers are pulling out of development or simply not even beginning as is the case with Bethesda and Epic.  Even their strongest third party support Ubisoft has pulled out of making exclusives like Rayman Legends and taking it multiplatform(which was good for us as the game is amazing).

When the Wii U was announced most people, even those in the industry were confused as to whether the console was simply a peripheral to the Wii.  Their messaging and focus on the tablet controller made it seem as though it were just that, an addition to the main console.  As well I do not think that they should have kept with the Wii branding and using the same Wii controllers, move on.  When I first saw the Wii U I was very disappointed in what Nintendo had created and where they have chosen to take it.  As well users digital content is fixed to the console itself and not to the users profile.  At one time you could make a case that Nintendo just does what it wants and it works, but now it just is looking like Nintendo is stuck in the past adhering to old ways that are horrible and just plain dumb for the end user.

Nintendo needs to step it up for their next installment of console.  I hope that they do not try to hang on to the Wii U for to long.  They need to progress into the future and learn a little from their competitors that have figured out how to do some things well.  Nintendo can still be weird and quirky, they just need to learn from this console and take the next one forward not backward.

What do you think about the Wii U?  Is it old already, or have you given it a chance?  Sound off in the comments below.


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