Gaming Dilemma: RPG’s Not Played, Multiplayer Takes Over

Gamming Dilemma-  RPG’s Not Played, Multiplayer Takes Over GraphicI love Role Playing Games but I hardly ever play them due to me wanting to spend so much time with them and complete every side quest.  Once an RPG hits my backlog I am even less likely to play it, as it becomes less favorable to playing something new and would take less time.  I hate this; RPG’s can be so daunting with their time investment it takes to complete the story, let alone completing side quests.  Plus most RPG’s in the past would get passed over for other easier completed games when I used to play for the achievements.

the_elder_scrolls_v_skyrim_00 It is hard fitting gaming into a busy life.  The games I tend to play more recently, because of schedule are those fifteen-minute experiences with multiplayer games.  No real time commitment or worrying about completing the goals, and they can be very rewarding without the huge time needed to complete them as one session can sometimes be enough.  In addition playing with friends is a very rewarding experience.  Playing these types of games, even though I tend to spend large chunks of time, just as I would with a normal game.  The illusion is that it just feels as though it does not take as much time, but it does, or can.

Halo-4-7As I have gotten older my time with games has become more precious.  I want to play every game that comes out, an impossible daunting task.  Which always pushes me to want that next big thing on the horizon, to be apart of the conversation.

As a reviewer of games my time has grown even smaller as I have to beat and spend so much time with each game, and just really get through them, even if a game sucks.  I have not spent time playing a game just for the reason of playing it in the past six months.  So I find myself, taking a step back, trying to catch my breath.  My goal here soon is to play some games I have neglected, their shiny beautiful covers taunting me from my shelf, and just play a few for the sake of fun and experience.


Eventually I wish to tackle my backlog, slowly eat away at it.  My backlog is about thirty strong across multiple platforms.  Games that I know I will either love or enjoy a lot.  It is time to finally play the games I spent magical currency on.

I am trying to break free from my own minds ineptitude, and I am going to sink those 50 plus hours into some RPG’s dammit.  Who’s with me!


Do you have a genre of games you love, but do not play due to the time investment?  Have there ever been games you just move on from because you do not want to start down that path?  How big is your backlog?  What keeps you from playing games?  Sound off in the comments.


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