White Wii U Rises From The Dead

skylandeThe White Wii U is making a comeback via a Wii U Skylanders SWAP Force Holiday Bundle pack which also includes a copy of Nintendo Land.  The bundle launches Nov. 15th at a suggested retail price of $299.99 and includes:

• a white Wii U Basic system, 8GB
• a Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack that includes:
– Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U software
– a Portal of Power®
– three Skylanders figures, including Ninja Stealth Elf (one of the Core Skylanders) and
two SWAP Force™ characters: Blast-Zone and an exclusive color shift Washbuckler
– a collector poster, trading cards and sticker sheets
• a Nintendo Land™ game disc

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.55.35 PMPreviously the White Wii U basic model was thought to be fazed out, as many people were only purchasing the Deluxe Black Wii U.  People were also finding the White Wii U difficult to locate to purchase as retailers were not keeping it in stock, and if they were, it was only available online and not in stores.  Gamestop only carries it as a refurbished console.  Even Nintendo’s own website doesn’t show the White Wii U as something you can purchase or even exists.

YouTube External Link

What do you think of the new Wii U bundle?  Which console color do you prefer?  What bundle do you want to see from Nintendo?  Let me know in the comments.


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