Hey VGX Happened, It Was Sad


The VGA’s happened yesterday, or as they are now called, VGX.  What the X stands for in the acronym of VGX, Xtreme, Xtra, eXperience, X games?  Who knows, either way an unnecessary change that does not communicate what it is, or what it is now, as an awards show is a stretch of the definition.

I watched only about an hour of it but YouTuber PixelPerfect created the perfect video to represent VGX.  It was cringe inducing to watch.  As awards were given out the hosts Community’s Joel McHale and Geoff Keighely of Spike TV and GT.TV would clap for the winner, in addition to some people behind the scenes.  They very obviously needed an audience instead of the fancy set, as it was a hollow win and felt insincere.  The whole thing was not well thought out and it showed.  There were some cool interviews with some of the developers, however they would become derailed as Joel McHale would try to be funny with a poor choice of jokes, and Geoff Keighely would try to reign in the focus back to the developer and the video game.

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They clearly tried to shake up the formula this year, as represented by the X.  However this years show deviated so much from the award show context and tried to be something else entirely that we were left with a boring, awkward, and soulless show that fell apart, an identity crisis for something that barely knew what it wanted to be in years past.

What will the VGA’s or VGX be next year?  Will they bring it back at all?  What we need is the award show format with great interviews, and an actual audience, you don’t create a sitcom and not have an audience or at least a laugh track, otherwise it will fail every time.  This is Spike TV, you would think they know this.

Did you watch VGX?  What was your impression?  Do you even want the show to continue?  Or do you not care at all?  Sound off in the comments.


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