Left 4 Dead 2 Free On Steam For A Limited Time

El-Workshop-de-Left-4-Dead-2-está-ya-listoDo you have a PC or a Mac?  Need a co-op shooter?  Want to shoot up some zombies?  Well then have I got the deal for you!

For a limited time Steam is giving away Left 4 Dead 2 free now until 10am PST 26/12/2013.  With the Steam Workshop integration to change the game to LOTRO or other such silly things, there is a lot of replay value here for free.  Snag your free game now!

blog_imageAs with other online services such as Xbox Live, PSN, and even the Wii U, the Steam store has grounded to a halt.  Though as of right now it seems to be back to normal, how long that will last, who knows.  I can confirm though as of this posting, I have been able to successfully access the Steam store, searched for the game and am currently installing it.

IMPORTANT!  Also of note, make sure to install the game, as noted by Valve, as it will be back to normal price after the deadline otherwise and will not count as owning it.

Happy Holidays!!!  Game On!

Read Valves News Release Here.

Snag Your Free Copy Here!


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