PlayStation Gaikai Streaming Renamed PlayStation Now

playstation-nowThe Gaikai gaming streaming service has been given a fresh name, PlayStation Now, which will allow for streaming of PlayStation 3(no word yet on PS1 or PS2 games at this time) games across PlayStation 4, PS3, PS Vita, most 2014 US Sony Bravia TV’s, as well as additional internet connected devices such as tablets and phones.

Playstation-Now-595x267The service announcement at CES January 7th, outlines that games will be available in two forms, a per rental and as subscription offering.  Games will be at 720p resolution, game saves will save to the cloud to be made available across platforms, the service will require at least a 5Mbps broadband connection that is recommended to function optimally, also of note a DualShock 3 controller will need to be used with the TV’s.  Additionally, and quite a cool thing, is that multiplayer will be available to those who use the service and those whom are using the disc based versions.

Sony will be beta-testing PlayStation Now in North America later this month and rolling it out later this summer.  If you are interested in joining the beta you can sign up here.

As of the announcement Gamestop’s shares sank immediately following .  I do not see this as an immediate sign of doom for the brick and mortar store, gamers will still want to own their games.  However the general mindset of the gaming consumer has gotten more and more used to digital with the successes of Steam, GOG and other digital only distribution services.  We will have to wait and see just how successful the implementation is and its integration into the consumers mindshare.

Shown off in demonstration were The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, God of War Ascension, and The Puppeteer.  Check out IGN’s hands on video.

What do you think of PlayStation Now?  Is it the future?  Will it take off?  Does it solve your woes of backwards compatibility?  Or does the idea that it is just a streaming rental service make you lose interest?  Let me know in the comments.


One thought on “PlayStation Gaikai Streaming Renamed PlayStation Now”

  1. I don’t like renting games. I want to own them! Although hard drives sizes not keeping up with sizes of games and other media. Technology getting better every new generation. Its not smart for any company to make a new machine and also put in the old one in it too. I do see this becoming the future, not just games but all media.

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