Valve Reveals 13 Steam Machines


Valve has unveiled 13 Steam Machines(not including the tiny Maingear Spark) last week at CES ranging in price, shape and size, from $500 to $6000.

sm_pdfslide5j-640x435 sm_pdfslide1j-640x444 maingearspark sm_pdfslide3j-640x428 alienware-steam-machine-640x301 sm_pdfslide4j-640x433 sm_pdfslide2j-640x432 sm_pdfslide6j-640x443I am particularly partial to Alienware’s Steam machine with its neat Steam logo.  How well the idea of the Steam Machines and the Steam OS will do is, in my opinion, only going to succeed based upon how well the controller works to bring those games that only work with a keyboard and mouse.

Steam-controller-1If it is not successful in working well for those games than largely the concept has failed.  If people still feel the need for the keyboard and mouse and people try to use them on their couch than it has not worked.  No one wants to try to play with keyboard and mouse on their lap.  We will know soon enough.

Whats your opinion of the future of Steam in the living room?  Let me know in the comments.


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