Valve Ditches Touchscreen On Steam Controller

steam-contr-1At Steam Dev Days yesterday Valve announced that it would be ditching the touchscreen in the middle of the controller for a d-pad and abxy buttons for backwards compatability.  Check out the 3D render below.

newcontroller1Additionally via Valve:

  • The retail controller will use AA batteries, this means the user can also use rechargeable batteries
  • Biometrics are important, but the hands are not the best place to capture them
  • The controllers have gyroscopes, but these are not implemented in the firmware yet
  • Core implementation of Steam Controller API is already available in the current Steamworks SDK
  • The Steam Controller API supports up to 16 controllers at once
  • Valve is keeping VR in mind while developing the controller
  • More changes to the controller are coming, they have just started processing beta feedback

newcontroller2As well Gabe spoke in his address that he would like for developers to take control of the store and how they promote their games.  He also had this to say about Steam Greenlight, “Our goal is to make Greenlight go away. Not because it’s not useful, but because we’re evolving.”

I continue to be intrigued and skeptical about the Steam Controller.  What are your thoughts?  Sound off in the comments.


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