The Legend of Grimrock 2 New Screens & Update

LoG_2_logo_smallThe Legend of Grimrock 2 is a sequel to The Legend of Grimrockan action role-playing game from indie developer Almost Human.  The game is a 3D grid-based dungeon crawler inspired by such classics as  Dungeon MasterEye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld from the 80s and 90s.

The sequel will be leaving behind the dungeons of the previous games and will take place on the Isle of Nex, which is a secluded island faraway from civilization.  This will allow them to create a mix of outdoor and indoor “locations seamlessly while still maintaining that atmosphere of mystery and danger, and the density of interesting things that is at the heart of Grimrock.”

“At the start of the game, a party of four prisoners has ended up on the island against their will and start to explore the island. Pretty soon they will realize that they are not alone on the island and that the island is not an ordinary island at all… What are the mysterious towers on the island and who built them? Why is the island full of puzzles and traps? The story of Grimrock 2 will not be a direct continuum to Grimrock 1, but will be a completely new story with new characters that will expand the Grimrock universe.”

potion_and_spell_panel Legend_of_Grimrock_2_screenshot_3-1024x576 Legend_of_Grimrock_2_screenshot_2-1024x576 Legend_of_Grimrock_2_screenshot_1-1024x576

I am looking forward to this game.  I have yet to play the first one (A Steam Sale purchase that is in my backlog unfortunately).  The game will be made available through digital purchase on PC and Mac.  The game will release sometime later this year.

For more information check out their site here for more updates.


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