Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

XboxUK_X1_Titanfall_DHWBOX_0114_3DBoxShotThe Xbox One will be getting a Titanfall bundle to coincide with the games release and is available to pre-order today.  Supprisingly this is just a bundle and not a limited edition of the console.  It isn’t even packaged with the limited edition Titanfall controller.

I was hopeful for an Xbox One Titanfall limited edition console after I saw this mockup.Titanfall-Xbox-One-Console

The console will be regularly priced, so the game will essentially be free if you don’t already own the console.

Xbox_One_Titanfall_Limited_Edition_ControllerThis announcement coincides with a UK only price drop of the Xbox One from £430($717.20) down to £399.99($667.02), this price drop will also apply to the Titanfall bundle.  No word on other territories getting a price drop at this time.

If you still need some more Titanfall in your life then you could always splurge on the awesome Titanfall Collector’s Edition, which will set you back $249.  By far one of the most expensive collectors editions I’ve seen that wasn’t ove a thousand dollars.

Titanfall_collectors_EditionI know I am super excited for this game, I played the beta and the game is well worth the hype.  It infuses the stagnant FPS genre with a breath of fresh air.  You’re a badass in a titan and you are a badass on foot.  You’re a goddamn parkour ninja on foot, thats how good the movement is.  The beta was a blast and I can’t wait for the retail release.

You’re getting a titan solider, we’ve got em in such excess you’ll be able to send one to your mother for Christmas.

Excited for Titanfall?  Disappointed in the bundle?  Played the beta?  Let me know in the comments below.


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