COD Advanced Warfare: It Might Actually Be Good, Hopefully

When Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was announced and I watched the trailer with Kevin Spacey I was definitely intrigued but not convinced, that the award winning actor could pull the franchise out of stagnation alone.  Though I couldn’t help but feel that the move was an awesome one.


Now though that I have seen some gameplay in action, after having let the game fall from my thoughts, that I think the game might actually be good, hopefully.  The gameplay mechanics weapons, and gadgets feel more in line with some other notable FPS franchises, and that is a good thing.

Advanced Soldier DesktopWith the exo-skeleton, jump-boost, grenade variety, and just the shear amount of future-y stuff present in the game makes me hopeful.  It looks at time like a COD game and at others a Killzone-esque future shooter, almost like something new altogether.  WIll the story be as good as what the gameplay looks like?  It is so hard to say given Ghosts so called focus on story, two brothers, a dad, and a dog, the tears are just leaping from my eyes on that one.

After the boring-ness that was COD Ghosts, I hope this blows my expectations away as each game now has a three year development cycle, from each of the developers.  I love me some good FPS-ing in the morning, afternoon, and night and I want to have a great campaign, not everything needs to focus just on multiplayer.  Here’s to hoping!

So how is COD: AW shaping up in your eyes?  Tired of the franchise, or are you a COD bro who will keep buying the games year after year along with each Madden, ya mad bro?  Sound off in the comments!


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